''My Artwork'' Wood stamps

 My Artwork wood rubber stamp.

The wooden stamp is the easiest to use stamp!
Let yourself go to your creative senses!
Personalized rubber stamp with your creation, your design ... Just upload your your artwork.

We can reproduce in ink pad any creation provided by you
     Creation mixing text and drawing, with the font of your choice
     Reproduction of drawing,
     Signature, Logo, Etc ...

Tips for creating a "My Artwork" stamp
Supported image format: Jpeg, Pdf, Bmp, Tiff, Gif, psd, ai, cdr, word.
(File name without accent or special characters)

Choose from our models the stamp according to the desired size of your imprint.
''My artwork'' Wood Stamps
Type de personalisation
Taille de l'empreinte
Wood Stamp ''My Artwork''
Lower size 21 cm²
Wood Stamp ''My Artwork'' Lower size 21 cm²
Wood Stamp ''My Artwork'' Lower size 21 cm²

14.00 € ht   /   16,80 € TTC

Wood Stamp
De 1 x 1 cm to 7 x 3 cm
21 cm² maxi.

Wood Stamp ''My Artwork""
size 22 à 49 cm²
Wood Stamp ''My Artwork
Wood Stamp ''My Artwork

18.90 € ht   /   22,68 € TTC

Wood Stamp
7 x 3,1 cm to 7 x 7 cm
49 cm² maxi.

Ink pad for wood stamp Ink pad for wood stamp
Ink pad for wood stamp

9.07 € ht   /   10,88 € TTC

Ink pad for wood stamps with manual inking.
Dimensions: 11 x 7 cm
Choice of color: black, green, red, blue.

Personalized wood stamp "Artwork"
Using a separate ink pad.
This stamp requires the use of a desktop inker, to ink the imprint with each "stamp stroke".

Wooden frame in varnished beech, ergonomic handle with flat on the h

At TooTampon ©, we offer more than 10 different formats for your business stamp, which can contain from 1 to 15 lines of text for the largest.

For Professional use:
- Company Name
- Address: street name, post office box number, postal code, city.
- Telephone, email address, website, opening hours ...: Means of contacting the company
- Legal information and mandatory information *: company form, amount of capital, Intracommunity VAT, etc.

* Mandatory information on a professional stamp, if it is used on official documents: invoice, estimate ... show at least all the mandatory legal information: name of your company, address of the registered office, legal form and amount of capital, number of Siret and RCS as well as the intra-community VAT number.

For particular use:
- Last name
- Address
- Phone

Trodat brand stamps are optimally tailored to user needs, delivering the exact amount of ink required, ensuring perfect impressions. They are available with black, blue, red and green inks. The use of Trodat Printy or MetalLine Stamps is the best guarantee that your stamps will always provide regular, clean and indelible impressions. The ink is suitable for all climates and does not dry out, you can use your stamp without problems for a long time.

Trodat automatic ink pads look very similar at first glance, the difference is the size of the stamp. The different sizes allow you to have a frame adapted to the size of the desired print.