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TooTampon, specialist for 20 years in the manufacture and online sale of stamps for companies or individuals, mounted on Trodat stamps guaranteed for life.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, you can verify it with our rating of:
9,6/ 10 on more than 700 "verified reviews" customer reviews.

Create a stamp, with personalized imprint, with our personalization module, easy and quick to use: with text, a date or upload your logo or your creation or a signature at no additional cost!

Quick turnaround : place your order online, your rubbert stamp is made and shipped within the day by Post.

Individual rubber stamp

Individual rubber stamp.

Individual rubber stamp.


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Company rubber stamp


Company rubber stamp

Company rubber stamp.


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"My Artwork" rubber stamp


Rubber stamp with my creation.

Rubber stamp with my creation.


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Rubber stamp Text + logo


Tampon texte +  logo

Practice marking the order,checks or endorse them.


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Rubber stamp "Date"


Tampon entreprise dateur, horodateur, numéroteur

Self-inking Stamps

Tampon entreprise dateur, horodateur, numéroteur prix
34,80 € TTC

The date stamp, essential
to date the documents.


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Replacement rubber plate


tampon emreinte caoutchouc

Rubber plate only

To replace the rubber
on a self-inking Stamp.


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Pocket Embossersc


Timbre à sec

Mark your books, etc...
with elegance !


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Special medical stamps


tampon encreur spécial profession médical

Special stamp for medical profession.


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Replacement ink pad


tampon encreur Textile Trodat

An economic gesture
and ecological


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You can order a personalized rubber stamp with your text: name, address, telephone, etc ... with logo, or directly with your model!
The rubber stamp customization module is one of the easiest to handle. It benefits from a simple but comprehensive, fast and precise service.

Our quality engraving process gives the imprint of your rubber stamp a very high quality rendering. Each personalized rubber stamp is individually engraved, the possibilities for personalization are endless! Here are some examples of our clients designs. Our customization options allow you to vary text size, font, spacing, etc. Upload your logo at no additional cost.

In addition to the many customization options, there are also many shape options.

Whether you need a rectangular rubber stamp, a square rubber stamp or a round rubber stamp, we have a product to meet your needs!

The production of your rubber stamps is very fast.
Tootampon takes care of the production of your rubber stamp: The rubber of your rubber stamp is manufactured upon receipt of your order in our production workshop. We guarantee you an irreproachable quality for the reproduction of the downloaded text, images or logos that you provide to us. The fonts in our templates are scalable fonts which makes it possible to render exactly what you see on your screen.

Tootampon provides its customers with complete customization of the rubber stamps ordered so that they can integrate all the information requested. For this reason, the choice of the number of lines is of great importance. Not only is it possible to edit the text in its custom rubber stamp, but it is also possible to resize the text, we guarantee an easy and smooth browsing experience for your rubber stamp design. Our rubber stamp customization module is one of the easiest to handle. It benefits from a simple but comprehensive, fast and precise service. When ordering a rubber stamp online, you have the choice between several frames: wood, Trodat Printy plastic, Trodat metaline. You also have the option of adding an additional ink pad in the color of your choice: a black ink pad, a blue ink pad or a red ink pad depending on your choice or use.

You can also order a Textile rubber stamp, it is a ready-to-use clothing rubber stamp, we mount your imprint on the device and install the special ink cartridge before delivery. Find an ink rubber stamp that suits your needs: To find the rubber ink pad that suits your personal and / or professional needs. Tootampon offers you a selection of rubber stamps at the best price that meets your needs. With Tootampon you will find all office rubber stamps: personalized rubber stamps, inkwells, dry stamps, personalized rubber stamps for your business.



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Auteur :
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Auteur : Philippe Payen
Auteur :
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Dernière mise à jour :
20 septembre 2021

Your personalized rubber stamp should allow your contacts to identify you, for example:

For Professional use:

- Company Name
- Address: Street name, PO box number, Postal code, City.
- Telephone, Email, website, opening hours ...: Means of contacting the company
- code, Intracommunity VAT...

Mandatory information on a company rubber stamp: if it is used on official documents: invoice, estimate, etc. your rubber stamp must show at least all the compulsory legal information: name of your company, address of the registered office, legal form and amount of the capital, Siret and RCS number as well as the intra-community VAT number.

For individual use:
- Last name
- Address
- Phone

You will find on our site a choice of rubber pad models adapted to your needs.
To learn more about professional rubber stamps, pocket rubber stamps, and different office supplies you can go to the menu to choose the rubber stamp that matches your need.

Choose from our models:

The Trodat Printy rubber stamp for everyday use
    The classic rubber stamp is a Trodat rubber stamp with a plastic mount. It is easy to use, durable, practical and reliable. The advantage of this type of rubber stamp is that you can easily and quickly change the rubber imprint for example if you change address, so you can keep the mechanism which is very robust. The Trodat Printy rubber stamp: meets the daily needs of users. COMFORT: Robust and neat mechanism allows you years of use. PRACTICAL: The ink cartridge is easily interchangeable, it allows thousands of imprints. EXACT POSITIONING OF THE IMPRESSION: The transparent panoramic window of the Printy 4.0 rubber stamp allows precise positioning of the imprint on the document.

The Trodat Metal Line rubber pad for intensive use
    The professional Trodat rubber stamp is a Trodat rubber stamp with a metal frame. It is easy to use, durable, practical and reliable. The advantage of this type of rubber stamp is that you can easily and quickly change the rubber imprint, for example if you change address, so you can keep the mechanism which is practically indestructible. The Trodat Metaline rubber stamp: Very well suited to intensive use, for professional users. Extremely resistant! This range is composed of a metallic structure, sheathed in plastic, to offer silence and operating comfort. COMFORT: Truly robust and neat mechanism allows you years of use. PRACTICAL: The ink cassette is easily interchangeable, it allows thousands of imprints. EXACT POSITIONING OF THE FOOTPRINT: Positioning frame, to precisely mark an imprint in an area of ??a document.

The Wood rubber stamp:

The wooden rubber stamp: classic and ecological Choose a wooden rubber stamp, it is an ecological material. The wooden rubber pads are customizable, and the frame is adjusted to the size of the imprint. With a wooden handle, nothing could be simpler to use, you simply have to ink it with the ink pad every 3 to 4 strokes of the rubber stamp. The wooden rubber stamp is the vintage trend! The wooden rubber stamp requires the use of an office ink pad, you can order it with your rubber stamp on our site..

A personalized imprint, thanks to our rubber stamp personalization module, easy and quick to use.
On our website we guarantee an easy and fluid navigation experience for the design of your rubber stamp. Our rubber stamp customization module is one of the easiest to handle. It benefits from a simple but comprehensive, fast and precise service. Our commitment and reputation for speed of production and precision in our rubber stamp manufacturing is recognized, for example look at verified reviews. You can create and order your personalized rubber stamp in a matter of minutes.
For an even more elaborate personalized rubber stamp, you can choose a my Creation rubber stamp: you can make your rubber stamp as you wish with as many lines as you want, at no extra charge. To give your rubber stamp a touch of originality, you can embed your logo, use several fonts, make a frame, round off the angles, etc. You prepare your file with Word, Photoshop, Illustrator or other, we make your rubber stamp whatever the file! Depending on the use, i

Depending on the use, there are different types of rubber stamp:
The company stamp is used to fill in the most important administrative data of your company with your suppliers and your customers. The size of this custom ink pad may vary, but includes important information: company name, address, phone numbers, website and email address, company logo, share Intra-community VAT... This professional stamp facilitates the management of official documents. It is not required by law, but very often by organizations in addition to a signature (eg validation of offers, contracts). Find the stamp model that's right for you, and buy it from our website. You can easily find the personalized stamp that suits you, the site offers a stamp according to your use, occasional, daily or intensive. This allows you to benefit from an appropriate stamp, personalized and adapted to the needs of your business. You can make your company's stamp adapted to your graphic charter by choosing a my Creation stamp.

Tootampon offers you different types of personalized or customizable stamps There are different types of ink pads, TooTampon offers you: Trodat Printy automatic ink pad, Trodat proline automatic ink pad, wooden pad, ink pad, ink cartridge

With Trodat stamps, when the stamp no longer marks correctly, the time has come to change the ink cassette, all you have to do is click on the used cassette and replace it with a new one, so your stamp is gone for a tour, at the same time it is an ecological gesture!

Rubber stamp with date

Trodat date stamps feature individual, editable number bands for month, date and year. The date stamp allows you to quickly stamp the date on your documents and thus to validate for example the date of reception for an administrative document: official document, etc ... The date of the stamp can be modified daily, it is enough to turn the tapes rubber with the different items: day, month and year. It facilitates the management and classification of documents or the receipt of invoices. For some of our date stamps, it is possible to personalize a text that assigns them a specific management role. For example: "Paid on", "Validated on", "Received on".
Square, rectangular or round stamp, you have the choice
Our stamps are available in different rectangular, round and square formats, you have the choice according to your expectations. Square formats measure from 10 x 10mm to 42 x 42 and are ideal for text formats or logos. The rounds meanwhile distinguish you with a less standard format, or for an administration it gives an official character. The Loyalty Round Stamp with Logo is a useful product for merchants and restaurants and others who want to offer their customers a loyalty program. .

Rubber stamps are ideal for filing many professional documents that companies or associations must manage on a daily basis. We offer stamps of different sizes according to your needs: small, medium and large. If you prefer even larger sizes, we also have a very large pad.

We also offer a variety of "commercial form stamps" that help you easily organize your documents.

We have tested the Ideal, Colop and Shiny stamp brands, but we have chosen the Trodat brand for its superior quality and its features: a text display window, foolproof sturdiness, a comfortable grip, a mechanism quality, are just a few of the reasons why we have chosen this excellent product line.

Cheap stamp Made in France
We are custom ink pad manufacturer unlike many companies we do not outsource. We manufacture all of our personalized stamps in Beaumont lès Valence. Qualified personnel carefully assemble each order by hand before testing each custom stamp to verify print quality.

How to make a rubber stamp?
There are several ways to make a rubber stamp: - For use in the creative arts, the easiest way is to take an eraser and sculpt it with a cutter, given the specifics obtained this process is rather reserved for artistic use. - For use in a Professional setting, this cannot be done by hand, it is necessary to go through a laser machine controlled by a computer. The laser makes it possible to engrave with extreme precision any text, logo, logo + text, design ... with a result of extreme precision. For each use a rubber stamp!

Trodat Stamps look very similar at first glance, the difference is the size of the stamp. The different sizes allow you to have a frame adapted to the size of the desired print.

At TooTampon ©, we offer more than 10 different formats for your professional stamp, which can contain from 1 to 15 lines of text for the largest. With the online personalization software, you compose your text yourself directly on the site, choose the size and the font, and preview your personalized rubber stamp, add a logo if you wish, or send your file. creation. Trodat branded stamps deliver the exact amount of ink needed, ensuring perfect impressions. They are available with black, blue, red and green inks. The use of Trodat Printy or MetalLine rubber stamps is the best guarantee that your stamps will always give regular, clean and indelible impressions. The ink is suitable for all climates and does not dry out, you can use your stamp without problems for a long time.

You will also find on our site:

The dry stamp:
A dry stamp, does not use ink, but makes a raised impression, called embossing. Embossing thus makes it possible to authenticate a document in a discreet and tamper-proof way! What could be more chic than this dry stamp to personalize your books, your letterheads, your envelopes. You will thus mark your difference with character: name, initials, logo. These dry stamps are available in 2 types: Gripper or Press, in different formats.

Electronic foliotor time stamps
    To date, mark, track, authenticate a document, to track Parcels or Documents.
You can print text, leaf, print date and time, Ideal for new ISO quality standards. .

You can find additional information on the range of different buffers on the Trodat France website

Sarl Gravure et Tampons

has specialized since its creation in online sales in 2 sectors of activity:
- Engraving: production of everything that is signage for companies, medical or paramedical professions (professional plates): we offer complete solutions, thanks to a mastery of laser engraving or cutting techniques and or mechanical engraving.
- Rubber stamps: production of all types of tampons, for companies, individuals, associations, medical or paramedical professions. We offer a whole range that is suitable for the application. .

With more than 15 years of experience in online sales with our sites: specialist in personalized rubber stamps specialist engraving plate

in professional plaque specialist in personalized rubber stamps specialist engraving plate

We manufacture all your orders in our workshop as quickly as possible, with guaranteed "professional" results. We use materials that meet strict specifications, in order to offer you the best quality, Our suppliers:
- Trodat: which for more than 70 years has been the benchmark in the manufacture of stamps with automatic inking.
- Gravograph: which for over 60 years has been the reference in the supply of plates in the marking industry.