''Text/Address'' Pocket rubber stamp

Mobile Marker Pocket Ink Pad.
It's the ideal tampon for on the go, always in your pocket!

Personalize your business cards, packaging. Stamp your envelopes.

Pocket stamp personalized with your text.
CLEAN: A single box that you can take on the go.
COMFORT: Its robust and neat mechanism allows you years of use.
PRACTICAL: The ink cartridge is easily interchangeable, it allows thousands of imprints.

The Trodat Pocket Printy 9512 pocket stamp is a very practical pocket stamp, it is an attractive accessory on the go.
It is the essential tool for all itinerant professions: doctor, nurse, teacher, driver, journalist, translator, etc ...
It doesn't matter whether it's in your pocket, around your neck, or clipped to your pocket, the Pocket Printy stamp will follow you everywhere!
Possible customizations:

Choose from our models the stamp that meets your needs:


''Text'' Self-inking pocket Stamps
Type de Monture
Type de personalisation
Tampon de poche
Trodat 9512 - 3 / 4 / 5 Lignes
Tampon de poche Trodat 9512 - 3 / 4 / 5 Lignes
Tampon de poche Trodat 9512 - 3 / 4 / 5 Lignes

17.90 € ht   /   21,48 € TTC

Tampon encreur personnalisé.
Empreinte taille 47 x 17 mm sur 5 lignes.
Idéal profession itinérante

Replacement ink pad
Trodat Trodat 9512 - Pack of 2
Replacement ink pad Trodat Trodat 9512 - Pack of 2
Replacement ink pad Trodat Trodat 9512 - Pack of 2

8.69 € ht   /   10,43 € TTC

Choice of color: black, green, red, blue.
Set of 2 ink pads.
This replacement ink pad is designed
for self-inking stamp Trodat.

Personalized  ''pocket '' rubber stamp "Text"
Using a separate ink pad.
This stamp requires the use of a desktop inker, to ink the imprint with each "stamp stroke".

Wooden frame in varnished beech, ergonomic handle with flat on the h

At TooTampon ©, we offer more than 10 different formats for your business stamp, which can contain from 1 to 15 lines of text for the largest.

For Professional use:
- Company Name
- Address: street name, post office box number, postal code, city.
- Telephone, email address, website, opening hours ...: Means of contacting the company
- Legal information and mandatory information *: company form, amount of capital, Intracommunity VAT, etc.

* Mandatory information on a professional stamp, if it is used on official documents: invoice, estimate ... show at least all the mandatory legal information: name of your company, address of the registered office, legal form and amount of capital, as well as the intra-community VAT number.

For particular use:
- Last name
- Address
- Phone

Trodat brand stamps are optimally tailored to user needs, delivering the exact amount of ink required, ensuring perfect impressions. They are available with black, blue, red and green inks. The use of Trodat Printy or MetalLine Stamps is the best guarantee that your stamps will always provide regular, clean and indelible impressions. The ink is suitable for all climates and does not dry out, you can use your stamp without problems for a long time.

Trodat automatic ink pads look very similar at first glance, the difference is the size of the stamp. The different sizes allow you to have a frame adapted to the size of the desired print.