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Trodat 4913 Custom text up 6 lignes

Self-inking stamp
Imprint size 58 x 22 mm
Classic Business

Trodat 4913<br>Custom text up 6 lignes6 Trodat 4913<br>Custom text up 6 lignes
19.99 € ht   /   23,99 € TTC

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Ou avec la souris.
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 58mm  23mm

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Self-inking stamp
Imprint size 58 x 22 mm
Classic Business
Custom text up 5 lignes
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The Original Printy 4.0 doesn't just impress with its appealing design - it is also smart and innovative :
Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change
Two grip zones allow the ink cartridge to be exchanged without touching the inked pad—this helps keep the ink on the pad, and off your fingers!
Incredibly small and light
The Trodat Printy is one of the world's smallest and lightest self-inking stamps. Soft-touch elements guarantee a comfortable, secure stamp grip.
Precise imprint positioning
The Trodat Printy's crystal-clear positioning window also enables accurately placed imprints. The transparent bottom edges allow for precise alignment.