Trodat 5205 Custom text up 6 lignes

Self-inking stamp
Imprint size 70 x 25 mm
Classic Business

Trodat 5205<br>Custom text up 6 lignes6 Trodat 5205<br>Custom text up 6 lignes
43.08 € ht   /   51,70 € TTC

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Self-inking stamp
Imprint size 70 x 25 mm
Classic Business
Custom text up 6 lignes

Ergonomic handle for everyday use

  • Round and light movement of the pad
  • Integrated ink cartridge: easy and clean change, does not dry out, no separate ink cartridges required
  • Steel core guarantees high durability and strength
  • Easy placement of the impression
  • Ecological and sustainable: climate neutral as standard

The Metal Line is the ideal pad for intensive use, ensuring clean and crisp impressions. For several decades, it has stood for reliability and professionalism. Precision machining and premium materials make it the endurance champion among Trodat products.
This automatic stamp allows you to efficiently mark any paper medium without fatigue.
The rubber imprint is engraved using a laser machine and then mounted on the Trodat Metal Line stamp.
We also install the ink pad on your device and you will have the choice of the color between black, blue, red, green.

The Pro Line ink pad is appreciated for its appearance, and for its ergonomics: a pleasant and secure grip of the pad.
COMFORT: Its robust and neat mechanism allows you years of use.
PRACTICAL: The ink cartridge is easily interchangeable, it allows thousands of imprints.
EXACT POSITIONING OF THE IMPRESSION: The Positioning Frame allows precise positioning of the imprint on the document, to precisely mark an imprint in an area of a document.