Rubber plate only ''My Artwork''

Rubber plate from 10x10 to 75x50 mm
for stamp sel-inking
already in your possession,

Reproduction of your model, logo ...

Rubber plate only <br>''My Artwork'' Rubber plate only <br>''My Artwork''
13.00 € ht   /   15,60 € TTC

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 75mm  50mm



Rubber plate only - Supplied with double-sided self-adhesive film.
for Automatic ink stamp already in your possession.
from 10 x 10 to 75 x 50 mm maximum,
Reproduction of your model, drawing, logo.

To have a quality marking, think about change the ink cassette of your stamp!

To replace the imprint of your Trodat stamp:
1 / Remove your old rubber imprint
2 / Remove the self-adhesive protective film from your new imprint
3 / Put your new imprint on your ink pad

4 / Your ink pad is ready!

Advice: To have a quality imprint, remember to also change the ink cassette of your stampAvec une expérience plus de 17 ans dans la vente en ligne avec notre site